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When it comes to jewelry and accessories, I have a few staples I wear to shreds and then find myself replacing them... Over and over and over again. There's nothing more disappointing than when you buy an accessory and after three wears the gold starts fading, the clasp breaks off, or the leather starts fraying. 

Personally, I love getting pieces that have a story, longevity, versatility, and that mean something special to me. Whenever I travel, I scour little boutiques to find unique pieces that were made with intentionality and purpose. 

URBAIN is a Minnesota start-up that began making bracelets with a mission to share stories of a historic Mill. 

The Marine, the light cedar beaded bracelet, was crafted with wood from the mid-19th century. The 1839 leather wraps are made with leather from Red Wing Shoes and are studded with wood chips from the same wood. The wood is from the Marine Mill is over 100 years old and was found at the bottom of the St. Croix River in Minnesota. 

To me, these leather wraps and bracelet symbolize my Minnesotan roots. No matter where I travel to next, now I have a piece of my homeland to own and to wear. And to me, that's worth wearing.

Photography by Paul Was Here

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Silver Jeans Co x Simply Sami

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