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Indigo & Snow- Sustainable Clothing Line

I was absolutely blown away to meet and collaborate with local fashion designer and dye-artist, Annabella Sardelis. Her line Indigo & Snow is one of the few sustainable conscious retailers here in the Minneapolis Area. Getting to chance to meet and talk with the designer about her line and the vision she has for a sustainable planet was inspiring. 

I was so amazed by what Annabella does to be eco-friendly and sustainable in her clothing line! It's so cool to see artists like her, who deeply care about the products they make and are also conscious of how it affects us as consumers! Although organic cottons & sustainable fibers are becoming more and more prevalent in the fashion industry,  there is still so much room to grow. Which is why it's so important to me as a stylist to encourage and support amazing brands, like Indigo & Snow, that do value the same things I do. 

In her own words,

"I was recently asked to share what compels me to do what I do in this world? If I am being my most honest and authentic, I do what I do because it feels magical. When I am dyeing textiles, I go into a flow zone and it feels like my highest state of being. The state of being you want to have in a yoga class, but at times your brain remains too distracted to surrender to that place--where you know you are channeling energy that is way bigger than you, where you feel so connected to an intense life force energy. I go into that state of being when I work with textiles, I know in my core, it is my highest state of being, my calling, my gift. It has been a long and meandering road to get to this point where I embrace it - where I can call myself an artist."

There is an unspoken bond that forms between two types of people that think a lot alike. And getting to work together on something creative that we both care so much for is amazing. I hope you were inspired by this video.

More exciting news is that her line is now available ONLINE (here) and locally available at Gallery 360  in Edina!

Thank you all for your continuous love and support!

xx, S

My Dream Shoot

Wynwood Art District || ft. A Little White Fedora & Soleil Blue's Black Maxi

Wynwood Art District || ft. A Little White Fedora & Soleil Blue's Black Maxi