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Turtles Layers

Turtles Layers

Turtle necks are my absolute favorite trend this fall/winter. I'm not sure if it's because there's something comforting about my neck being covered up or if I really like the silhouette of the tall neck. Either way I've had a hard time wanting to put anything else on! Skinny Turtles, wide neck turtles, I love them all. So, for this look I wanted to show how layering your turtles can be an easy way to add some interest, detail, and complexity to your outfits... not to mention if you're living in Minnesota, it's a great way to skip out on the scarf but get a similar utility. The key is starting with a really thin turtleneck tee, preferability long, to make sure is pops out of the bottom of the sweater..  Take a look at how I put together this look! 

Photos by Molly Smith--> Click Here to take a look at her work


Grey Turtle Neck

Green Sweater

Ripped Skinnies (similar)

Tory Burch Tote (similar)



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Lion Heart Girl

Lion Heart Girl

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