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A New Way Of PurposeFULL Shopping || Orange Harp

A New Way Of PurposeFULL Shopping || Orange Harp

It's my strong belief that the apparel industry and mass manufacturing is lacking a better system. Offering low-footprint products, sustainable apparel, recycled/repurposed material, and local sourcing and manufacturing is a solution to that. Orange Harp is about giving a resource for people who care about the clothes they put on their bodies, the products their buying, and where their money is going (and no, they didn't pay me to say this, and no, you won't be able to find any of it on their missions statement.) The Orange Harp is an app/retailer that curates sustainable, local and low impact products and clothes by companies that are giving back to non-profit organization around the world! 

Orange Harp contacted me to share their mission and passion a few weeks back. Unlike most companies, selling products was not their primary concern. It was their passion and mission behind an innovative idea with a real purpose. An idea that solves a problem outside of what you might want to wear to your next dinner party event. As one reviewer put it, it's like a sustainable version of Amazon.

I love that concept.

As a retail merchandising undergraduate student, with an emphasis on sustainability, I naturally levitated towards this company. 

In order to view any of their products you have to download their app, which is free. Not the most convenient thing, I know, but definitely worth it. If you're interested in sustainable apparel or truly care about business ethics beyond cheap fast fashion manufacturing, I would highly recommend downloading it. If sustainability, local shopping, and high quality products isn't up your alley or not part of your values, I don't think this app would be useful for you. 

They offer both men's and women's fashion, accessories, bags, health + beauty products, and loads more. Essentially everything you would possibly need! lol! Like I said earlier, Amazon. 

Orange Harp supports a non-profit organization called Not For Sale, which strikes another cord with me because I donated to this cause a few years back so it's been amazing to be able to support them again. This non-profit helps victims in human trafficking and slavery all over the world by creating stability, safe location for them to live, become educated, and empowered to work.

Anyway, here is an outfit I put together based on two items they sent me! 

photos by Molly Smith--> Click Here to see her work

Cross Body: Orange Harp

Chambray Button Down: Orange Harp


Denims: Gap

Shoes: Gap

Black Layering Turtle Neck: Anthropologie

Hat: Vintage

Blazer: H&M

With Love,
xx, S
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