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My Winter Skincare Routine: For Hyperpigmentation and Oily Skin

My Winter Skincare Routine: For Hyperpigmentation and Oily Skin

So I didn't realize I had Hyperpigmentation until after I became an adult and suffering from it since then has been a uphill battle . But the more openly I talked about it the more women I met with this same condition. However, the more I get to know my skin the more tricks and tips I have learned to help keep my skin clear, soft, bright, younger and healthy. I have had to take extra precautions from the sun, exfoliate often, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. These are the steps I take during the winter 2-3 times a week for my skin.

Step 1. Dry Brushing

This is Natural Bristle Brush for Dry Brushing I got from The Foundry, Home Goods in Minneapolis. Dry Brushing is one of the most beneficial beauty tricks to implement into your daily routine that will honestly improve the look, feel, and function of your skin completely. Dry Brushing is an old medicine practice that has been used in beauty for decades. Although the list for Dry Brushing is quite long, some of the most relevant benefits for us right now are:

  • Getting Rid of Dead Skin (obviously.)
  • Encouraging Cell Regeneration
  • Detoxifying Your Body
  • Waking Up Your Skin Cells (literally like a cup of coffee)
  • Increasing Blood Circulation/Flow
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Loss

Essentially all you do is brush your entire body down from neck to toes (I usually avoid my face because I have a separate facial exfoliator.) Make sure to brush with long strokes away from your heart. You should do this for about 5 minutes every day (or 2-3 times a week) before you get into the shower. Do this for a month and then tell me if you notice a change!

Step 2. Soaking

I am a huge believer in baths and soaking your skin, if you do it right. Don't even THINK about adding a nasty, perfumed, fizzing, chemical-filled bath bomb to this tub, or I swear I will come to your house and throw it away before you can say "Lush!".. or "UTI"... same difference.

The only things we will be adding to this clean hot water bath, are Epsom Salt (and some essential oils in you would like.) Epsom salt soaks are an amazing easy way to add so many health benefits to skin care routine. Epsom salts benefits include:

  •  Eases stress and relaxes the body
  • Decrease Inflammation, Irritation, and Soreness in Muscles and Joints
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Detoxifies Your Body.

Be sure to rise off after a 15 minute soak with cold water.

Step 3. Natural Oils

IMG_0134 copy (1).jpg

After showering I move on to moisturizing my body. I take this part of my routine very seriously because it has a lot of health benefits to it too! I use a combination of oils for my winter skin including, Shea Moisture Bath, Body, & Massage Oil (price sensitive option available at Target, Ulta, etc. and great results), Pura D'or Argan Oil - Body, Hair, Face Treatment (moderate price and amazing results), or sometimes I'll just use Coconut Oil (incredible price and good results!) All of these options give me a really rich, deep, and long lasting hydration that my skin needs so desperately during the winter, especially when I'm exfoliating as much as I do! 

And the best way to apply this is by rubbing this all over your body... in case that wasn't clear.

Step 4. Supplements

The supplements I take change for my skin on a need basis but one thing I am very consistent with are Fish Oil supplements. Fish Oil supplements are something you should be taking 100%, every day, regardless of your skin type. They are amazing for hydration, help with inflammation, reduce acne, AND help reduce wrinkles yay!

Step 5. Gentlemen Readers Beware... might want to skip this step

This next step is optional but I take it seriously because I am slightly too conscious with the health of my skin. Pura D'Or's Professional Vitamin C Serum is an amazing step to add to your skin care routine if you either 1. have Hyperpigmentation like me and/or 2. are at all worried about future sagging or stretch marks in your hips, buttocks , thighs, belly (for when you hit pregnancy some day, yes some day,) or breasts. Vitamin C Serums are perfect for increasing skin elasticity & firmness, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and Pura D'Or's C serum also gives you an extra hydration by adding Argan Oil to lock in moisture. 

You can use Pura D'Or's Vitamin C Serum to your entire body and face. However, I typically apply this Vitamin C Serum to all the locations on my body that are prone to grow, stretch, sag as I mature as a woman, these general locations will be different for every woman. 

Step 6. FACE

If you think I take my body routine seriously, my face routine is by far my ultimate favorite and I am constantly altering and changing it to fit the immediate needs of however my face is reacting based on how stressed I am, how healthy I'm eating, how much/what kind of make up I put on, and other key factors. After exfoliating my with a my favorite face wash right now, Garnier Clean + Black Head Eliminating Facial Scrub (not pictured) I move on to products. 

note: Exfoliating your face is the number one most effective way to treat Hyperpigmentation with the build up/growth of excess melanin. 

Step 6. 1 Face- Warming Oils

This winter I am fallen manly in love with essential oils as moisturizers for my face & body, medical needs, stress relief, and pretty much for every thing. But more recently, I have really enjoyed a particular blend of oils for my face.. 

Warming Oil Essential Oils have been the perfect addition to my winter facial routine because it helps bring color back into my face, is anti-inflammatory for any blemishes or infections, increases circulation & stimulates cell regeneration. These Warming Oils are a blend of Ginger, Helichrysum, Hyssop, Cypress, Juniper, Spike Lavender, Arnica Oil, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil and all 100% essential oils. This warming oil is typically used as a first aid essential oil but for my face during the winter it is exactly the nourishment and hydration I need to make it through the cold, dry months.

For application, you really don't need much. Just use a few drops in your hands and apply to face in circular motions to let it soak into your skin and activate your skin cells. You might experience some warming or tingling. I always apply this on my eye-lids and on my under eye to give it extra hydration and cell regeneration to prevent wrinkles or tired looking eyes. But be sure not to get it into your eye because it will sting.  

IMG_0137 copy (1).jpg

Step 6.2 Day-Time Face Routine- Turbo Boost C Powder 

This C serum powder is my holy grail face product. If you don't listen to any of these tips except for this I will totally be okay with that because this product has completely transformed my skin and is the reason I've been able to find success with my Hyperpigmentation. I use it all year round and will probably continue to buy it until I'm an old lady because it works so well, especially for people with Hyperpigmentation.

The Turbo Booster C Powder by Philosophy  is a powder based, high-potency serum that you can just lightly sprinkle in your moisturizer. It helps even your complexion, bright-skin, lightens acne scars, and free radical damage-- which if you have ever tanned in a booth or tan a lot outside you have been exposed to skin damage and premature aging. This powder will help fight that skin damage and restore your skin's health. 

Even My friends and family noticed a transformation in the texture and complexion of my skin. Quite honestly, I have regretted quite a bit of skincare products I've purchases in the past but that's never been the case with this product. It's a little pricey but will last you at least a year, if not longer. I could not recommend this product more!

Step 6.3 Day-Time Face Routine- Moisturizer

For day time after applying my essential warming oils, I will sprinkle my Turbo Boost C Powder in to this moisturizer, the Méreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer. This product is perfect for my skin because it's acts as a light foundation, moisturizer, anti-aging serum, primer, and eye-cream. This product has really helped even out my skin tone, brighten my complexion, and has helped reduce any redness or irritation I have had from my Hyperpigmentation. It's light so I can wear it everyday and I don't feel like I'm caking on make up. Also it's tinted which is perfect for me in the winter when I want a little extra color on my face. 

Step 6.4 Night-Time Face Routine- Primer, Toner, Eye-Cream

So for my night routine, I typically skip the Turbo Boost C Powder and go straight from my warming oils to this step. Lately, I have really enjoyed Méreadesso All-In-One travel size MoisturizerIt essentially is the same product as the tined moisturizer, except no color. It works as a primer, eye cream, and toner, which I love it because it takes care of all those steps in an all-in-one product! The packaging is awesome because it makes it so easy to throw in my purse for travel. This travel size lasts for a very long time because I only use a dime size each use. 

Step 6.5 Night-Time Face Routine- Moisturizer

The night-time all-in-one moisturizer is a great for a night time Toner, Primer, and Eye- Cream, but I've found that my skin needs further assistance in the hydration and vitamins department. So next, I pick up my all time favorite night-time moisturizer, the High-Potency Night-A-Mins Oil-Free Renewal Cream by Origins. The one I pictured is just the sample size because it looked better in the shoot (haa..) but real size is bigger and comes in a circular jar. I got the sample size this fall and loved it so much that I got the real jar for the winter months.

Origins Night-A-Mins Renewal Cream really is one of the best night-time creams I've ever found for my skin type, oily. It's loaded with minerals, vitamins C, E, and H, and gives amazing hydration. The scent is amazing, really relaxing and works while you are sleeping to get rid of dry/dead skin, brighten your complexion and smooths out the texture of your skin.  It is the last step I take in my skin care routine before I go to bed, because it seals in the moisture to make your face feel hydrated and refreshed in the morning. 

IMG_0087 copy (1).jpg

That is my entire skincare routine for winter! It might seem a little excessive in places and lacking in others but my skin care routine is constantly changing based on what my skin needs.

I can't stress enough, how important it is to get in touch with your skin. It is the largest organ in your body, and absorbs more than you might realize. Your skin is constantly coming in contact with the harsh environment, dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and just about every thing from a fork to a steering wheel. Which is why it is so important to take care of it, maintain and promote its strength and growth. Everyone has a different skin type that functions differently, so what works for me might not work for you. But if my skin sounds like yours, then I would definitely recommend trying some of these products and tips out and letting me know how you like them!

Final thoughts: This type of skincare routine is about loving your skin and taking care of your body for all that it does for you. Be conscious of what products you're using and show appreciate for yourself!

With Love.
xx, S
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