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R + Co Hair Products Review

R + Co Hair Products Review

My first encounter with R+Co hair products was through my hair stylist (At BANGbang Salon & Creative Space in MPLS) who casually styled my hair after a cut and threw in some product... as per usual. But what first caught my attention was the smell.

HOLY MOLY.  I am the world biggest sucker for good smells... or what I think are good smells. Growing up I was the daughter who my parents always found sitting on the laundry room floor smelling the laundry detergent, or under the sink smelling the Cascade. So you can imagine my reaction when this intriguing scent was coming from MY HAIR.

Ok, enough about the smell- How does it work?!

AMAZING! The cool thing about this brand is that they are made without parabens, sulfates ("Hallelujah!"- Your Hair), mineral oil or petrolatum. AND they are all vegetarian, cruelty-free and safe for colored hair (phew, I know).

R+Co is definitely an up and coming hair product brand and I've seen them in quite a few different salons and I've always been curious what they were like so I was really excited to try these three products to start off, ya know, to ease into it. I tried a Pomade (for styling), a Dry Shampoo, and a Soothing Oil.  So for those of you who have also been curious about this brand, here is my two cents.



I've never been much of a mousse/pomade girl, and typically just stick to the whole hairspray game but this product definitely changed my false stigma. This product starts off looking like a mousse when it comes out and as you rub in in your hands it turns into more of a pomade. What I really liked about Aircraft is how much it texturized my hair, and if you know me you know my hair is so slick and straight with zerooo texture or volume, so I was quite impressed with that. I put it in right before I blow dry my hair and then curl it or just leave it natural but it has an very long wear... like multiple day wear for those of you (me) who don't like to wash your hair everyday.  It was incredibly light weight and didn't feel heavy or like I had product in. So that's plus! 


OKAY, I was really excited to write about this product because the first time I ever heard of it was when I was reunited with my big sister, Gabriella over the 4th of July and she was telling me about how amazing it was, but WOULDN'T LET ME USE IT (rude!) as big sisters often don't. So when BANGBang Salon gave it to me it was like all my Dry Shampoo dreams were coming true! So verdict: Not only does this product smell heavenly but it doesn't have any of those harsh chemicals in it like most dry shampoos so it doesn't DRY OUT YOUR HAIR. Which sold me because my hair gets so dry and staticy in the fall. All it does is help remove the oily appearance and give your hair a little more texture and volume which is never a bad thing. Unless you have an afro... then maybe it is. 


Okay, this product is for two types of hair. 1. The really easily breakable, thin hair (like mine) OR 2. For those people who really don't have time to schedule a cut and are getting some nasty splits on their ends. Tinsel is infused Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E which is incredibly nourishing and provides protection, but most importantly it smoothes out the frizzies! I really like it and use it has a finishing touch when I'm done styling my hair. 

Overall, these R + Co products get a huge thumbs up because I think they address a lot of the hard issues my hair confronts and I did really notice my hair's health improve, which I think is a big indicator of the importances of harsh chemical free hair products. HOWEVER, the saddest part about this whole story is that when I was at the airport on my way New York for NYFW this year I accidentally put them all in my carry on... And had to give them AWAY when I went through Customs!! And I wasn't even half way through them. *cry face* But anyway, happy to have had the chance to review them and I will mostly currently be investing in these products again as soon as I get my next pay check! Also, I really want to try out their Shampoo and Conditioner so if you have tried them out and have an opinion, Please share! 

Links are below if you want to check out these items... They have a really cool website as well!




xx, S
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